The 6 Steps To Buying Young Living Essential Oils

If you are ready to join Young Living, click the "click here to start" button and then follow the 6 steps outlined below!  It's going to be a great journey.

Step 1 To Buying Young Living Essential Oils.jpg

Choose WHOLESALE or RETAIL. By becoming a Wholesale Member you will have access to the Premium Starter Kits & wholesale pricing.

**Wholesale is automatically selected and is definitely the way to go.  Wholesale gets you the 24% discount and all of these other benefits.**

Step 2 To Buying Young Living Essential Oils.jpg

Check to make sure 3324223 is entered in both the Sponsor AND Enroller ID fields.

NOTE: If someone other than Steph sent you here, enter their member number into those fields. If you are a lone ranger and found this site on your own, use Steph's numbers: 3324223.

Step 3 To Buying Young Living Essential Oils.jpg

Complete the Member / Sign-In Information.

NOTE: It is no longer a requirement to give your Social Security Number to become a wholesale member. This will only be required if you ever earn $600 in commission, and Young Living will contact you then.

Step 4 To Buying Young Living Essential Oils.jpg

The Premium Starter Kit should be pre-selected for you - that’s the one you want! The price starts at $160 and varies depending on which diffuser you select. The Dewdrop Diffuser is a great one to start!

Step 5 To Buying Young Living Essential Oils.jpg

At this time you can choose to sign up for Essential Rewards. Your choice! It means you commit to ordering $50/month and in turn you will receive a reduced shipping rate, and start accruing points quickly for FREE product. I enjoy it because I love receiving a totally customizable monthly Wellness Box. To join, follow the steps and simply add at least 50pv of additional product to your order. I suggest getting the Thieves Household Cleaner as a great place to start! The more you add, the more free product you can earn!  If you decide to wait, connect with me once you plan to reorder & we'll see if Essential Rewards is the right fit for you. Learn more about Essential Rewards HERE.

Step 6 To Buying Young Living Essential Oils.jpg

--At this point, you can add more product to your order if you’d like [oils, cleaning/facial products or supplements] regardless of whether you chose to get on Essential Rewards or not.--

Complete Billing & Shipping Information. Confirm order & you’re done! You’ll soon receive a personal email and welcome gift from me!