Girls' Getaway


Last weekend Evie, my middle, and I ran off to Atlanta for our inaugural Girls' Getaway.

We desperately needed to connect with each other, and getting away just us where no one else needed me was so good for both of us.  I actually really like her a lot, and I was able to remember that this weekend.  That sounds terrible - ha. But it's true. I LOVE her all the time, but sometimes I forget that I like her too.  She's a cool kid, and is going to be a great leader one day.  

For now, we're finding the balance between letting her be adventurous and "in control" of the things that she can be, and helping her remember that she isn't the boss.  This is proving to be a hard job, but one that is so important.  I want my girls to grow up feeling empowered and free to be who God created them.  Because of my own experiences, I often find myself worrying about how the world will treat them or what the voices in their head will tell them about themselves. I never want them to feel like they are "too much" or "not enough" because of their unique personalities or interests. So we're putting in long hours right now to teach them early that they can rest secure in who God made them because He calls them perfect and wonderful and VERY GOOD (and they should remember that He says that about every human). I have to speak this life into myself too. 

But I digress.

Girls' Getaway 2016 was a success!  We jumped on the bed, swam, went to Target (twice!), ordered room service (twice!), ate a magnificent Brownie Explosion, took a bubble bath, stayed up late, slept in, got our hair done at a salon, and made sweet memories.  

Already looking forward to next year!