Essential Oils First Aid Kit + printables

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Have you ever had a kid wake up sick in the middle of the night only to discover that you don't have what you need to help them and thus find yourself speeding to the corner CVS at 3am? I know that happened to us before we started using our oils. Now, we always have what we need ready to go, and there's no more groggy trips to the pharmacy - just groggy trips downstairs. Ha!

We have a First Aid Kit for the kids that has the oil blends that we use most often with them. I included instruction cards on where/how to apply them so that when we hand the kit to sitters and grandparents they know exactly what to do. No more stressing about correct dosages of OTC meds!  The kids can roll the oils on themselves, and caretakers can rest easy knowing they can't screw it up. We're empowering our kids to take their health into their own hands, and that is amazing.

I've made this whole kit into printables so that you can create one of your own for your family! Winter is coming with all of its yuckiness, so go ahead and get a head start and put your kit together. You'll be so glad you have it!

The download includes Usage Cards, Recipes, and bottle labels.

DOWNLOAD the PRINTABLES by clicking the links below:

*Usage Cards*


*Bottle Labels*