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January 2018 News and Updates

Happy New Year, friends! I don't know about you, but I love this time of year because it's a built-in time to reset and refocus and DREAM BIG for the year to come.  There is much hope on the horizon!  I truly cannot wait to see what this year holds for each of us. I have prayed for each of you and your families by name - that this is a year of wellness, abundance, hope, & joy! May this be the year that you see the fulfillment of dreams (big & small), make huge strides with your health & energy, and see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 

January 2018 Young Living Promos (read: FREEBIES)

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Young Living is setting us up for success with fantastic January PROMOS! Want to know more about how awesome they are? Read on.  🎉💃🎉💃

➕ 5 ml Spearmint Vitality (ER exclusive): Who has some weight management goals this year? Support your metabolism with this vitality oil by adding a drop to your water, tea or Ningxia. Add a couple drops to a capsule and take in the morning to help manage cravings. Wonderful for the digestive system, this is a family favorite in our house, especially for my kids. It is not as hot to the skin as Peppermint so topically we use this for the kids’ tummies. This is a also MUST have for pregnant mamas. And it's just a yummy vitality oil to mix with any of your fave citrus vitalities for some added minty freshness. 🌱

➕ Super Cal PLUS: 
Super Cal Plus offers more than just calcium and minerals—it’s a true bone-health supplement. One of the main distinguishing ingredients are marine minerals from red algae grown in Iceland. This plant based calcium ingredient is delivered in a powerful matrix of 72 trace minerals naturally derived from algae. Unlike rock based calcium that contains little to no supplemental trace minerals, this ingredient has proven bioavailability due to its unique structure and spectrum of minerals. To support the route of calcium from the digestive system to the bones, it is crucial to provide Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and Magnesium. These co-factors work through complex biochemistry to deliver the calcium and other minerals as bone deposits.
Another unique and powerful ingredient in Super Cal Plus, is a fermented polysaccharide complex from a new strain of black yeast. This ingredient has been shown to support osteoblast function and the delicate ratio of bone remodeling. This ingredient supports bone density by potentially mimicking the function of estrogen. In clinical studies black yeast was shown to slow the process of osteoporosis. <--------

Because of the powerful ingredients in this product, the label reads, "A daily recommended dose of calcium and Vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.” 

➕ 5 ml Deep Relief (ER exclusive): Ok this blend is a thing of beauty. If you haven’t experienced the feeling of Deep Relief on your neck, you are in for a TREAT with this month's free 5 ml. This blend is for all the muscle soothing.  So if you are joining the gym for the New Year, have nursing mama shoulders, travel frequently, sit at a desk hunched over for too long, or just need a blend that will love on your body - this is IT. 

➕ 5 ml Panaway: I LOVE when the promos replace my fave oils from the Premium Starter kit. Workout or have an active job, this is your jam! This is also fabulous to use when you are sitting for long hours if you have a desk job or you are traveling. Your feet, legs, and calves will LOVE some of this rubbed to them. I also love it on my neck and shoulders. Go grab your resources and look up what Helichrysum, Clove, Wintergreen, and Peppermint do - these are all the single oils in this blend. We love adding a roller ball to the top of this one and rolling away with it.

➕ 15 ml Copaiba: Another one of our faves from the Premium Starter kit but in 15 ml! WOOT! Now remember this is a vitality oil too so I will give some vitality options as well for usage suggestions. Topically this oils works wonders for your skin, it is soothing and calming and great to rub on top of other oils. Take this with you to your massage therapist and don’t be fooled by the light aroma. Dude is powerful. A very effective way to use this oil is internally. A drop under your tongue or a few drops in a capsule during times of high stress or physical exertion can be a game changer. A great way to give this to your kids is to add a drop to their Ningxia or a drop to some honey. It has such a subtle flavor. It is also a great oil for sleep. Combine this with some Lavender and Frankincense for some incredible sleep and supported emotions in a bath or diffuser. Since you have your reference material out already, go ahead and look this one up too or go back and search our Choose Wellness Today group for the 52 in 52 we did on Copaiba. 

That’s what I’m talking about, YL! Welcome, January!



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✨ I am giving away FREE SHIPPING for all of 2018 to TWO LUCKY ESSENTIAL REWARDS MEMBERS!!! ✨

Here's how to enter to win:

▪️Place an Essential Rewards order between January 1-12th (can be an existing ER member or your first ER order!). Any amount 50PV or higher will qualify you. Remember: you start getting free stuff at 100pv!

▪️Then let us know that you ordered and feel free to share what you got! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! There's a post with this graphic in our Choose Wellness Today facebook group where everyone is sharing what they ordered.

⭐️NOTE: If you typically place your ER order later in the month, you MUST PROCESS IT BETWEEN the 1st - 12th of the month to be entered to win! So, head to the ER section in your Virtual Office & change your date or hit "Manually Process Today" to order.⭐️ Never done ER before?  That's ok!  Start this month before the 12th and you'll be entered too!

Our 2 winners will be drawn on Monday, January 15th and our 2 winners will have FREE SHIPPING [$9] for a year put onto their account each month - including January!✨

White Angelica is BACK!

White Angelica  Young Living in stock.jpg

#3428 is BACK! $28.75 for UNICORN TEARS. 

Why is it so treasured? Listen to this incredible story from my friend Melissa Renno, after bringing home her adopted babies from China:


Let me tell you a little story...When our second son came home from China, he was extremely traumatized and only slept between 6-8 hours a day. 


You guys....it was so horrible for all of us. So so horrible. I was at an adoption conference where I was introduced to oils for the first time and after doing some research and hounding my lovely friend Amber with a gazillion questions, I decided to give oils a try. I'll be honest, I tried your typical "bedtime" oils and they just didn't work for him. I felt so defeated.

BUT THEN, someone mentioned the magical combination of WHITE ANGELICA AND CEDARWOOD in the diffuser and applied topically and I decided to give oils one more shot. 

Well, that first night Bishop SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! When we woke up in the morning we ran into his room to make sure he wasn't dead. I know that sounds dramatic, but when your child has NEVER slept through the night, you panic for a brief moment when he finally does! That next day he napped for 2 1/2 hours and he has continued to sleep every night since! LITERALLY OUR MIRACLE!!! We are never without this combo. So much so that when it went out of stock and we were running low, we had what I call "White Angelica Fairies" dropping it off in our mailbox or slipping a bottle in my purse when we were at dinner. Makes me cry! That's how much we need this stuff and those that love us know it!



The Moons love it for sleep, and also to help us deal with negative emotions like guilt, shame, worthlessness, loneliness, rejection, and anxiousness.  It is also helpful for those of us that tend to take on the emotions of people we are around (this oil is an empaths best friend!).  If you are a human that is ever around other humans, you NEED this oil!  LOL 

Recipe of the Month

Young Living Muscle Salve.JPG


3oz beeswax

4 TBSP coconut oil

4 tsp sweet almond oil

20 drops Panaway

15 Peppermint

15 Lavender

10 Lemongrass

10 Copaiba

Melt beeswax in double boiler, then add coconut oil.  Once both are melted add sweet almond oil.

Then add essential oils and mix well.

Pour into containers and let cool.

Scoop some out with a spoon, warm in your hands and rub on muscles for soothing relief!

Thanks to Sandra Williams for this recipe!

winter favorites.PNG

My current favorites!

  • Nasal Inhalers- These handy little inhalers make it super easy to use oils when it's inconvenient to roll them on or diffuse!  They're crazy cheap, so we have them in all the cars and bags.  Easy to send to school with the kiddos too!
  • The Great Home Edit 2018 - A group of us are editing our homes one room/area a day for the month of January!  My friends Audrey and Jami are bossing us into what to do each day, and there are lots of other humans participating and showing Before/Afters that help you feel in good company with your hoarding tendencies. Send $10 to audrey.baker@live.com via Paypal if you want to join!  And then just let me know that you did it and I'll add you to the group.
  • Essential Oils Desk Reference set -These are the first and second editions that have NOT been edited to make them compliant! These were with YL from the beginning. They will teach you all the ways to use oils in PLAIN LANGUAGE. These are impossible to find - however, LSP decided to make a collectors run and you can purchase them for $68 together! Which is crazy. And amazing. I got mine in already and am so glad I grabbed them!

    Education is empowering. Although these oils are great for green cleaning and making life better, they're quite incredible for SO MUCH MORE.

  • Household Shopping List/Transfer Buying:  Download this CUTE list to help you with your shopping!  It makes switching out products over to Young Living a breeze and I bet you'll be surprised to find all of the things you could be getting from YL and earning points on! {This is just for our team - DO NOT SHARE}

  • The Greatest Showman soundtrack - currently obsessed with these tunes in our house and we haven't even seen the movie yet! Have you? What did you think?!
  • Essential Rewards - Seriously, I earned over 675 points (which equals $675 of free stuff) in 2017!  All because we buy the things we need from Young Living.  Win win!

Be sure to check in daily with our facebook group - Choose Wellness Today.  There will be more things that I need to communicate to you guys throughout the month and that's the easiest way to stay up to date. And I'll announce the winners of the FREE SHIPPING there too! :-)