Happy July Strawberries

July 2017 News and Updates

Happy July, you guys!  Summer is in full swing, and this month's newsletter is full of tips and tricks to combat the heat, bugs, and keep your skin looking and feeling its best!

We've also got a few fun things in store for this month, so keep reading!

July 2017 Young Living Promos (read: FREEBIES)

July 2017 Young Living Promo items

Lavender Vitality - You're a robot if you don't need more Lavender!  Be sure to check our recipe of the month at the bottom for a great new way to use this staple oil!

Thieves - again, give me MORE!  We're beginning to stock up now on all things Thieves for Back to School and the winter. Keep this in mind as you plan your orders! Thieves is incredible support to help your immune system function as it was designed.

Fennel - smells like licorice!  Great for your digestive system as well as breastfeeding mamas!  Grab your Reference app or favorite guide a look this one up!

Rutavala - FINALLY back in stock, but only as a promo!  This oil has been OOS since last summer and since it is a staple in many families bedtime/calming routine you better believe we're excited! Ruta, Valerian, and Lavender make up this unique blend that comes in a convenient roller bottle.  This will not be available for purchase a for a while, so take advantage of this promo!  Mamas everywhere just sighed with relief. So calming.

Essentialzymes - 4 : Do you eat food? Then you NEED to be taking an enzyme supplement.  We don't get the enzymes that we need from food anymore, and they are essential to breaking down fats & proteins, and helping our bodies ABSORB the nutrients that we need from what we eat.  Also just great for digestion after a heavy/greasy/spicy meal.

Subscription Boxes - we love them!

subscription boxes with young living essential rewards

They are all the rage, and rightfully so!
It's so much fun to get happy mail once once per month, but especially when they are items that you know you love and use!
YL is EXPLODING with our monthly subscription boxes (called Essential Rewards) because of our commitment to pure quality products!
I mean, what other company can you find that gives you our seedtoseal.com promise?!
We are locking down products that are clinically tested proving their effectiveness and giving HUGE cash back on purchases - 10-25% on every order!
*That YL is one of a few companies who allow you to pick and choose which products go in your box every month?
*Did you know that you are NOT locked in to a certain date, but can change your date each month according to your needs?
*That with every purchase from YL, you are rebelling against large companies who are NOT committed to using ingredients that are safe for your body? (HUGE! Vote with your dollars!)
*Did you know that as you replace those products, your body and the bodies of those in your family will see incredible results, allowing you to feel your BEST? 
*Did you know that you can refer your friends to getting their own subscription box for a one time $45 membership fee, and then they can build their own clean boxes each month?! (Ask me how!)
*And did you know that when you do that, you can build for yourself a massive thank you check from YL?! 
Subscription boxes are AMAZING, but YL has one that is VERY HARD to beat!
Enroll today and tell yo' frands!

NEW Choose Wellness Today Facebook Group

Our Choose Wellness Today facebook group has been up and running for 2 months now, and I'm excited about the community we are building there! Bingo was a blast in May, and learning about the new products released at Convention last month was fun too.

If you want to be the first to know about sales, promos, new products, and specials just for our team, you NEED to be in this group! Here's the link to request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1425006124204284/

This month, we're kicking off a new educational program - 52 in 52!  At Convention, one of the speakers said that the way he learned to use his oils/products and be knowledgeable to help others change their lives was by studying one oil a week.  He continued to use all of his oils as needed, but really focused on learning all he could about a single oil per week.  This is brilliant!  We'll be doing this in our Choose Wellness Today group.  I've got a schedule of the oils we'll study/use, and I'll get you the next month's oils in advance so you can be sure you have them (in time to add to your ER).  We're going to learn a ton, TOGETHER! Starting July 10th, we'll begin with the oils from your Premium Starter Kit because no matter how long you've had your kit, there's always more to learn!

I will need some help with this so if you're willing to step up and learn about some oils/post in our group, please respond and let me know!

Click HERE to get in the group!

NEW PRODUCTS!  Makeup, baby line, and more!

New Products 2017.JPG

The new products released at Convention a couple weeks ago are LEGIT!  I will NOT be caught without our new clinically tested Insect Repellent.  Snag some of that asap!  It's amazing, and DEET free so you don't have to worry about it eating your skin and clothing. Blech.  

The Savvy Minerals make up is also incredible.  Light, yet good coverage, and not only safe for your skin and body, it actually contains ingredients that nourish and improve your skin.  I just ordered a ton of it.

And the Seedlings Line.  Y'all, it makes me want another baby...almost. ;-)  Some things are OOS and back in manufacturing because the demand for it is INSANE, but grab what you can.  If you don't have littles, the wipes are actually amazing for removing makeup!!  Cut them in half and a pack with last you a long time.

Recipe of the Month

Lavender Lemonade Young Living recipe

This lemonade is SO GOOD!  I may have had several cups while at the Farm in Utah! I'd love to know if you try it.

OK!  That's it for now. Enjoy your long weekend, and as always, don't hesitate to reach out if I can help you in anyway.  I love to do that!  It's why I started this crazy thing to begin with. :-)

xoxo, Steph