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March 2018 News and Updates

And just like that, it's MARCH!  I'm grateful... January and February were the grayest, gloomiest months and I'm ready for some sunshine! And my house needs to be aired out and spring cleaned...anyone with me?! 

Speaking for spring cleaning...

March 2018 Young Living Promos (read: FREEBIES)

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Let's chat about what's up for grabs FOR FREE, when your order reaches the qualifying PV amount! I'm only freaking out a l i t t l e.  <------that's a lie.  These are amazing and I'm getting them all (duh)!

🌿5ML Hope (300pv)
Create a space to help you find strength and stability when you diffuse this sharp and invigorating essential oil blend. Formulated with Melissa, Juniper, Myrrh and Black Spruce oils, Hope has an uplifting and inspiring aroma that we enjoy during times of uncertainty and stress. I hear it's a great one to diffuse at bedtime for sweet dreams. I'm excited to try this one for the first time!

🌿Thieves Household Cleaner with 16-oz. Spray Bottle (250pv)
Formulated with the power of Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend, this all-purpose cleaner can be used for literally everything. It's all we use! For toilets, sinks, and bathtubs, we only add baking soda for the scouring effect. Just in case you doubt the power and value of Thieves, check out these two videos highlighting it's power to kill bacteria and it's low cost:

1: Thieves power against Raw Chicken: https://www.facebook.com/rachel.p.chip/posts/10155986902124497

2: Cost per bottle of Thieves Cleaner (spoiler: it's cheaper than the Dollar store!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JILH7YplGk

🌿Thieves Dish Soap (190pv)
Your plates and glasses will sparkle without harmful chemicals that can irritate your skin and lungs. A little goes a long way! I love this stuff so much and am amazed at how long it lasts me. 

🌿Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 15ML Citrus Fresh (190pv)
This blend of Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit essential oils creates an energizing atmosphere of clarity to help you start your spring off in the right direction. Diffuse alone in your kitchen for a happy + uplifting scent! I also love it mixed with Joy or Northern Lights Black Spruce.

🌿Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive 5ML Lemon Vitality (100pv)
Spring clean your eating by boosting your nutrition with Lemon Vitality to support your digestion, detoxification, and immunity! Add a drop to your water or tea (in a glass or stainless cup). Use a few drops in your fruit and veggie rinse. Lemon is super versatile! 
You can also use it to remove temporary tattoos, stickers from wood, or to get gum out of hair...seriously useful!

**Be sure change your Essential Rewards order to meet the minimum PV requirements for the promotions you are hoping to get! Remember - when you spend 300pv on ER you get ALL the freebies!!**

Desert Mist Diffuser available in a Premium Starter Kit!

premium starter kit desert mist diffuser essential families young living.jpg

The gorgeous Desert Mist diffuser is available in a Premium Starter Kit as of TODAY!  In addition to this, Young Living has updated the PSK with 2 new oils - Raven and Citrus Fresh which have replaced RC and Purification due to sourcing constraints. Each can be used in much the same way as RC and Purification.  I actually like this change! There were crazy wildfires that wiped out our Myrtle farms (both blends contain Myrtle) so this allows us to continue having PSKs with 11 oils. Making this change will keep RC and Purification in stock longer while we source Myrtle and go through the strict testing process.  Both oils are currently still available for individual order.  Grateful for this company that WILL NOT compromise our high standards! 

If you need a new diffuser (you do!), consider grabbing one of these new PSKs through a Quick Order.  The diffuser alone is 63.75pv, so just go ahead a get the whole she-bang!  63.75 for the diffuser or 160 for diffuser + 11 oils and samples.  I know my choice!

Tell your friends! ------------>  Watch our facebook group (Choose Wellness Today) for a fun referral campaign!

Grounding and Hinoki

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What what!  Grounding and Hinoki are back while supplies last! Both are excellent emotional support and bring a sense of calm in the midst of chaos, and who doesn't need that?!

Grounding may help to stabilize and round us in order to deal with reality in a logical, peaceful manner. Testimony from our teammate, Kasey Jackson: "For those of you that don't know, my 3-year old twins were diagnosed with Autism last year, and we have had really amazing results with Grounding Oil to prevent meltdowns and induce calm when they are in sensory overload."  Personally, I've seen this oil bring chill to my kiddos in the "witching hours" and help tame some meltdowns while out and about.  And I wear it myself if I'm feeling worked up about something and want a dose of reality. It has a wonderful smokey, woodsy aroma to me. 

Hinoki - I need to to Google this one.  Sooooo many benefits!  It imparts a calming influence and helps to alleviate stress and occasional anxiety.  It's uplifting to the mind. Hinoki wood has long been used in Japan for building royal palaces and scared baths because of it's incredible smell and natural properties that all the wood to last for hundreds of years.  <------ Think of how it may benefit your body! And google. 

These are available on Essential Rewards only. No Quick Orders.

Recipes of the Month

Green Cleaning - carpet refresher.jpg

Carpet Freshener

Does your carpet or rug need a little freshening up after a long winter?  Dust this mixture all over prior to vacuuming to help get rid of odors like feet, wet dog, dirt, etc.  Mix this in a jar and poke holes in the top to easily sprinkle the carpet freshener, or grab a parmesan cheese shaker from the Dollar Store.

Carpet Freshener

-1 cup baking soda

-10 drops each of Lavender and Purification

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  This is also great for mattresses and fabric furniture!

spring favorites.PNG

My current favorites!

  • The Crystal Collection roller bottles - From Whimsy & Wellness on etsy - one of our teammates runs this shop!  I've just recently started learning about crystals and how to incorporate them into our wellness routine (it's not scary - God created them just like oils!!) and these bottles are GORGEOUS.  Plus, I love supporting our team! Hayley has other great bottles and labels too.
  • Pearl Roller Bottles with lanyard  - These are perfect for keeping your roller bottles attached to your purse/backpack and they're really pretty! They're sturdy, and actually a lot prettier than the picture depicts on Amazon. 
  • The Life You've Always Wanted - Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People - I'm currently reading this as part of my Worship School assignments and IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE.  I know we can throw that term around flippantly sometimes, but I truly mean it.  This is one of those books that I want to force everyone to read, and I'm glad I'm being forced to because I never would have picked it up if I just saw it at Barnes & Noble.  I wish John had titled it differently because IT'S SO MUCH BETTER than the title sounds. LOL  Read it. Be transformed.
  • Golden Girlz:  Did you know that our team has a biz group full of amazing women (and a few guys) who support each other in life and in sharing this wellness lifestyle?  It's available to you if you ever want to hop in and get more serious about growing a YL business. I would love to do this with you! We have free resources out the wazoo. Just request to be added or let me know and I'll hook you up. It's not scary, and the community is AMAZING!

  • Reckless Love - This album by Cory Asbury is all about the love and goodness of God for His children, and it's currently on repeat! Water & Dust, Endless, and Garments are some of my favorites (though it is hard to choose). Lyrics like "We're one part water and one part dust / yet you're still making trophies out of us // Making something out of nothing is what you do / yet your work is never finished and it's never past due" AND " I saw the water, but you saw the wine / And I saw dead branches, but you were the vine // And I saw my weakness, but you saw your blood / And I saw my failure, but you were enough" -- get it in your ears! One more: "There's no shadow You won't light up, mountain you won't climb up coming after me / There's no wall you won't kick down, lie you won't tear down coming after me"  Turn it up!!

  • Essential Rewards - Seriously, I earned over 725 points (which equals $725 of free stuff) in 2017!  All because we buy the things we need from Young Living.  Win win! I'll never stop talking about this no-brainer rewards program! ;-)

Be sure to check in daily with our facebook group - Choose Wellness Today.  There will be more things that I need to communicate to you guys throughout the month and that's the easiest way to stay up to date. I hope you find all of this helpful - a lot of work goes into all of the resources available to you, so please utilize them! And as always, I'm here to help.

xoxo, Steph