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May 2018 News and Updates

MAY. Can you even believe it?!  We're sooooo close to summer!  My deepest apologies for not getting an April newsletter out...we had some very unexpected health craziness happen with my husband the first week of the month when I normally send it out, and then it was Spring Break and the crazy just continued.  Thankfully, Justin is ok. I'll make up for my April quietness with lots of fun things this month. Promise!! Let's get this party started!!

May 2018 Young Living Promos (read: FREEBIES)

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If you're new here, let me fill you in on some monthly goodness. Young Living gives us amazing products for FREE (every month) when you order a certain PV amount.
These freebies will come with your order. 

The ones marked ER Exclusive are for Essential Rewards orders only. 
Which if you're ordering and NOT on ER, that's just sillllllly! 
Learn more about ER here: www.stephmoonessentials.com/essential-rewards

Here's what you can earn with your qualifying order in May!

✔️5ML Lime Vitality // 100PV ER Exclusive
Everything tastes better with Lime Vitality! Guacamole, water, Ningxia Red, cocktails - you name it, Lime is delish with it.
Did you know that Lime Essential oil is 100% bioflavonoid? That means it not only supports the immune system, but it stimulates the detox pathways and helps with the absorption of Vitamin C. Uhhhhh that's amazing!

✔️15ML Eucalyptus Radiata // 190PV
Because breathing is awesome, add to your diffuser. Also great with some Epsom Salts in the bath!
This is the Eucalyptus that smells the most “spa like” so it’s a wonderful oil to use to relax with. 
Have kiddos? This is the gentlest Eucalyptus oil so we keep this around for all the littles.
You can add it to a relaxing massage - your muscles will love this oil. 

✔️5ML Peace & Calming // 190PV ER Exclusive
The name literally says it all. This is a mama favorite for sleep, relaxation and that 2 hours before bedtime when you want to rip your hair out. I mean that never happens to me, but whatever. (LIE) lol
Ever make your own play dough? Add P&C. All the praise hands for occupied children that are calm.
Also, GREAT for traffic, annoying co-workers, basically anytime you need some peace or calming. Add a roller top and apply liberally!

✔️15ML Juniper // 250PV
Juniper is a great oil for cleansing - our bodies and spirits. It’s awesome in your skincare routine or on itchy dry skin. Rub it on sore muscles after a long workout, and over your liver and kidneys. 
It’s beautiful to diffuse with Sage and Lavender when you want to have positive energy and happy thoughts.

✔️15ML Clarity // 300PV
The perfect blend any time you want to foster feelings of clarity and alertness! I diffuse Clarity often in my work space, especially when I REALLY need to brainstorm or knock out a giant to-do list! I applied it to Silas this morning as he headed off to take his Milestones state test.
This blend contains a host of much-loved, stimulating oils, including Basil, Rosemary and Peppermint.
Add a few drops to your diffuser necklace, gently massage into temples or back of neck (careful to avoid the eyes), or simply place a drop in the palm of your hand and inhale this invigorating scent!

✔️15ML Thieves // 300PV
Young Living’s most popular blend of essential oils is FREE this month! 
It is the one oil that we would insist on having with us on a deserted island if we had to choose. Seriously.
Thieves is specifically designed to support the body's natural defenses and provide cleansing abilities. It’s uplifting and energizing aroma also supports a healthy respiratory system and promotes feelings of comfort and security. 
Apply to the spine, chest and bottoms of the feet with a carrier oil, diffuse 3-5 drops or add to your favorite homemade cleaner recipe.

**Be sure change your Essential Rewards order to meet the minimum PV requirements for the promotions you are hoping to get! Remember - when you spend 300pv on ER you get ALL the freebies!!**

NEW Savvy Minerals!

Savvy Mineral by Young Living Lip Gloss new colors.jpg

New Savvy Minerals colors are up and running!

The new colors + products include:

➕6 LIPSTICK shades infused with Tangerine essential oil
Mic Drop (Bright pink)
Sweet Life (Bright Fuchsia)
Miss Congeniality (Soft Pink)
I Dare You (Coral Orange)
It Girl (Pale Pink Beige)
Bedazzled (Plum Berry)

➕4 BLUSH shades
Charisma (Bright Pink) 
Serene (Soft Coral Peach) 
Captivate (Beige Pink Matte)
Awestruck (Soft Pink with Shimmer)

➕2 LIP GLOSS colors
Anchors Away (Orange Pink)
Headliner (Bright Pink)

➕2 EYESHADOW shades
Envy (Violet - Gray Shimmer)
Overboard (Plum Shimmer)

➕Poppy Seed Lip Scrub – available to order in May

Shop these new products in the Spring Catalog, then pop over to the website to order!



BINGO is back!!

Bingo May 2018 Young Living Steph Moon Essentials.JPG

We've played Bingo a couple times now, and each time it has been FUN and you guys have not only won some great prizes, but you've gotten out there and shared your love of oils with your friends and family!  And many of them have joined us in this lifestyle of natural wellness.

We're going to play again this month, and I hope you all participate!  It's truly more fun when everyone's involved and excited...otherwise it's a little boring and that makes me sad. LOL

Prizes include account credits (YL cash!), YL branded gear, and more!

Official Rules and details are posted in our private Facebook group Choose Wellness Today. If you aren't in this group yet, request to be added OR email me and I'll add you!  It's important that you're in there because that's how I communicate throughout the month and how we'll play BINGO together!

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Another FUN opportunity...

For the month of May, you can sign up to be an admin in our facebook group (Choose Wellness Today) for a day any day M-F for the whole month. On your day (or days!), you can pop in and do whatever you want! Educate about your favorite product, give something away, play a game, go Live with a DIY or Savvy demo, share teacher/graduation gift ideas...whatever YOU want! It's your day to shine! Everyone has something you can share with us, so don't be shy. No experts allowed. haha 

Rules: You must, in some way, talk about Young Living products (keep it as FDA compliant as possible, IE you can't say "Frankincense cured my Aunt Jo's cancer" even if it did, in fact, do that. LOL) I can always always help with compliancy if needed.

I CANNOT WAIT to see what y'all come up with for this!! Sign up here: https://www.brownbearsw.com/cal/membertakeover

Just click on the day you want to Takeover (M-F) and a box will pop up letting you put your name down. You can also add what you plan to do if you want, but this isn't a requirement.

Everyone who participates will get to mark a square on BINGO and will also get a little appreciation gift from me!

beauty school group header.PNG

May 7-11 I am hosting an online Beauty School and will be teaching about everything from skin & hair care to Savvy Minerals!  I'll be doing Live demos of my personal routines (oil cleansing, DIYS, makeup application, etc) and will share a ton of recipes throughout the week.  I've created a facebook group for this instead of an event, but at the end of the week I will delete the group so don't worry about getting spammed after Beauty School is over.  It will be run just like a facebook event, but a group gives me more options as the admin so I'm giving this a try.

Invite your friends!  But please DO NOT ADD THEM TO THE GROUP WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. No one likes that, and it's what gives MLMs a bad rep.  You can send the link to them and let them request to be added themselves, or you can request to add them after you've spoken to them about how much you think they'll enjoy it and they have said YES. :-)

This will be a lot of FUN and I'm hoping for great interaction all week.  I'll be available for Q&As as well, so get your questions ready! Inviting friends lets you mark a BINGO square.

Here's the group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/395383680925877/ 

Recipe of the Month

mermaid hair .JPG

Mermaid Hair

Does your hair need some extra love or are you trying to grow it out?  Maybe post-partum hair loss has you looking a little sparse in a few spots?  Shedding a TON? Have no fear...this hair tonic actually works! Like, it's  c r a z y  effective. And of course it is a fraction of the cost other products on the market. 

In an 8oz glass bottle, add 30 drops each of Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Lavender + 2-3 oz Witch Hazel. Top with distilled water. Shake and spray on roots/scalp before drying your hair.  You can also make a smaller amount and put in a dropper bottle with only witch hazel and drop on/massage into scalp any time (it's doesn't make hair greasy).

Be sure to take a "Before" picture when you start using this so you can see the difference a few weeks makes! And then share them with me. :-)

spring favorites.PNG

My current favorites!

  • Supplement Guide and Schedule - Essential oil experts (literally) Jen O'Sullivan & Rosy Crescitelli compiled this super helpful chart with all of YL's supplements and their allergy info, as well as a schedule for when to take them.  I'm printing it out to tape to the inside of my supplement cabinet so that it's handy any time someone asks me about it or I start a new supp and want to make sure I'm taking it at the right time for maximum benefits.
  • Pearl Roller Bottles with lanyard  - These are perfect for keeping your roller bottles attached to your purse/backpack and they're really pretty! They're sturdy, and actually a lot prettier than the picture depicts on Amazon. 
  • Stones - This  P O W E R F U L sermon at our church by my friend & worship pastor Aaron Keyes is still rocking me.  Scripture tells us that if we don't worship, the stones will.  But what would the stones actually say? More than you may think. How can every part of our story (good, hard, bad, ugly...) lead us to "hallelujah anyway?"  Take 40 minutes and listen/watch this.  I promise you it will not be time wasted. I'm listening again (3rd time) right now.
  • The Business Academy:  If you've ever wondered about what it's like to do the business side of YL, our Business Academy starts TODAY and is a great -no pressure- intro!  You'll need your member number handy when you request to be added just so admins can make sure you are on our team as this is exclusive to us. :-)

  • Vertical Worship - Bright Faith Bold Future - Another great album by Vertical Worship.  Over All I Know is my favorite...an anthem during smooth or hard seasons that our God is over all and what He speaks is DONE.  So much hope here.  Listen to that sermon by Aaron and then play this.  Trust me.

  • Essential Rewards - I earned over 750 points in 2017.  Over 300 already for 2018.  All because we buy the things we need from Young Living. When I say "earned" I don't mean that I worked and they rewarded me... I literally just bought oils, supplements, makeup, toiletries, and cleaning supplies through Essential Rewards and they GAVE me all those points to spend on more YL products.  1 point = $1 to spend. Winning! I'll never stop talking about this no-brainer rewards program! ;-)

Be sure to check in daily with our facebook group - Choose Wellness Today.  There will be more things that I need to communicate to you guys throughout the month and that's the easiest way to stay up to date, and it's where all the fun happens with BINGO! I hope you find all of this helpful, and that you're ready for a rockin' month!!  

xoxo, Steph