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November 2017 News and Updates

Happy November! Anyone else have a Halloween hangover today? Be sure to hit your Super C and Ningxia Red (double up!) if you partook of the treats.  Processed sugars weaken your immune system for several hours so treat your body well by giving it extra support when your sweet tooth kicks in! 

November is wild with fun stuff, so read on to the check it out!

November 2017 Young Living Promos (read: FREEBIES)

November 2017 EF  Young Living promo.jpg

Can you say FREE FRANK?!!! Young Living is THE MOST GENEROUS - giving us $210 of goods for free! I'm getting it alllllll!!! #makingroomfor300pv 

🎁 Christmas Spirit 5ml: Cinnamon, orange and spruce, this is our favorite replacement for toxic fall candles and room sprays and we call it “mini-Thieves” around here. Check out the ingredient similarities! It's just divine.

👃🏼Eucalyptus Radiata 15ml: Breathe easy with this oil in your diffuser or on your chest and back mixed with a carrier oil. Ahhhh.  Make a Breathe Jar (recipe in October's newsletter) and keep it handy...it's easy to take with when you travel!

🖐🏻Tea Tree 15 ml: Oh how winter skin loves this oil...well, all skin actually & it is awesome in your DIY cleaning products and room freshening sprays! 

🌲Pine 15 ml: Hello Christmas Trees! We love diffusing this oil and it has SOOO many benefits! Google it! It isn’t just a fresh scent! It is one of my favorite "tree" scents.

✨Frankincense 15 ml: FREE Frank?! What? Did you know that the Christ child was given gold, Frankincense and Myrrh? Which do you think was the most costly of the gifts? Frankincense!! They knew how amazing this oil was and how versatile. We do too. So grateful we are getting a huge bottle! Excellent for skin, your immune system, and it is emotionally grounding. I love to diffuse and wear this during Advent...there's just something special about knowing I smell like Jesus.

🎄Christmas Ornament: This is the first time ever for this one and I LOVE it! It’s a beautiful glass ornament with aroma sticks to soak in Pine (or Christmas Spirit)! Your whole house will smell like Christmas trees even if you have a fake tree. 😜 #easybutton

Are you on Essential Rewards...earning points and getting extra freebies? Did you know you can write off your 100pv ER order each month? That means you get $1200/year written off on things you already planned on buying for your home/wellness! #nobrainer  

BONUS: Enroll in ER for the first time in November, stay on for 3 months, and I'll give you $5 now and $25 in February!!

Recipe of the Month

sweet potato casserole.jpg


Y'all.  This recipe is MY JAM.  Legit my favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal. I could eat this once a week all year long, but then I'd have to buy new pants. lol  Add this one to your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving menu! Everyone will love you. #you'rewelcome

Sweet Potato Casserole recipe essential oils .png


OK.  I'm a little terrified to put this out there, but I'm gonna put my big girl brave panties on and do it anyway. #vulnerable     I AM GOING FOR SILVER THIS MONTH!! Will you run with me?

Some of you are like what.does.that.even.mean? LOL  Silver is the next "rank" in my Young Living business, and it's a big one!  I've been dreaming and working towards this for 2 years...this rank represents a lot of hard work, but more importantly, a LOT of lives changed for the better with essential oils and natural living!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do - walking alongside you guys as you make healthy choices for your families and for some of you even helping you walk in financial freedom as you share this lifestyle with the people you love.  The next rank represents all of that for me, and on top of just the personal satisfaction of getting to do this, Young Living sends Silver leaders on an all-expense paid trip to SLC, and the compensation plan is real nice at this rank too.

To hit Silver, we need an overall OGV of 10,000 as a team.  8,000 has to come from 2 "legs" - 4,000 each.  I made this goal chart to help us track our growth!  Don't worry if you don't understand any of this...I'm just telling you so that you know what your leader is up to this month!  And because I cannot do anything without you guys walking/running with me.  It's truly such an honor!

When we hit SILVER I am giving away a Noonday Collection Rustic Leather Tote & $75 massage gift certificate!!

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Silver Goal thermometer.jpg

fall favorites graphic

My current Fall favorites!

  • Intelex Warmies on Amazon- These heatable stuffed animals are SO COZY!  Everyone in our home has one and we heat them before bed and drop our bedtime oils on them to snuggle up, stay warm, and drift off into dreamland!
  • Our Favorite Things REFERRAL PARTY- This is a facebook group designed to help you start getting your oils paid for each month. There will be one daily post with education, and every day you'll have a chance to win something fun!! This is the same group as the Our Favorite Things - ER Giveaway that we did last month so if you were there for the ER thing, you're still in!  Just comment daily on the post to win.  If you wanna join in, just click that link!  
  •  Behold the Lamb of God - not oils related, but this album by Andrew Peterson and gang is an absolute favorite for our family. The Bible is one Big Story - the Story of how God loves His children and comes to rescue them. This album will take your Advent season up a notch as you listen and hear the Story - starting at the beginning and going through the Rescue. It's our favorite Christmas tradition (that starts Nov 1st LOL).  If you get it, be sure to listen to the LIVE version (including the opening reading).
  • Essential Rewards - Seriously, I've earned 560 points (which equals $560 of free stuff) so far this year!  All because we buy the things we need from Young Living.  Win win!